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The Team and Board 

Elize Marias

Elize has 24 years of teaching experience on 4 continents, starting her career as a teacher psychologist. Currently, she's an English teacher at an international school in Kazakhstan. Elize has also worked in the marketing department of a major insurance company as a language editor for 12 years. Throughout her travels she has found that abuse against young girls and women is rife everywhere in the world.

Elize believes all traditional education systems have failed our girls, despite many "rules", and paper trails to report abuse. In fact, the situation has never been worse.

Elize believes that the time for women to take charge of their daughters' education and general well-being is NOW! 



Erica Parker

Erica Parker is a dedicated educator for the past 25 years. She has taught from pre-k to adult in America, Nigeria, Kenya, and Saudi Arabia. Currently, she teaches high school English to young women in the United Arab Emirates. Her goal is to help people realize their power and ability to make a difference in the world. She has successfully helped inner-city youth in the San Francisco Bay Area start businesses and learn economics through pilot projects. Ms. Parker has assisted graduate students in developing their thesis packets for entrance into UK Ph.D. programs. She is most known for sparking reflection in all the students she has taught. Her motto is that creating a solution is far more time-efficient than harping on the problem.

Alicia Pinckney

Alicia has been dedicated to the study and creation of art her entire life. She has pursued various artistic avenues, including completing an MFA in Theatrical Design as well as professional work in costume design and most recently voice-over performance. Alicia has more than 40 books available on Audible, she has been working with independent Authors to bring their audiobooks productions to Audible. 

As a former certified early years teacher she has more than 10 years of experience guiding children and nurturing their curiosity. She looks forward to the opportunity to blend her experience with cultivating creativity in teens with her love for artistic expression.

Dr. Gwen Martin

Dr. Gwendolyn Martin, who goes by the name Dr. Gwen, is a licensed professional counselor, former special education teacher (behavioral/emotional impairments), school counselor and college professor. 

Dr. Gwen holds a Doctor of Education in Education Administration, and Education Specialist in Counselor Education (mental health), a Master of Education (school counseling), and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a certification in Behavior Disorders. Dr. Gwen has work experience in schools and outpatient settings. She is a professional member of the American Counseling Association (ACA), American School Counselor Association (ASCA), Georgia School Counselor Association (GSCA), and National Counselor Association (NCC). As a cognitive-behavior therapist, Dr. Gwen assists clients in understanding the connection between thoughts, behavior, and emotions.

Dr. Gwen has served in several professional capacities to champion her work. She is the author of: Dr. Gwen’s A to Z Self-Care Guide for Educators, Make Yourself A Priority: Your Needs Matter Too! Journal, Dr. Gwen’s A to Z Self-Care Guide for Teens, and Live Your Best Life 5-Minute Self-Care Journal for Teens. Dr. Gwen has also co-authored two inspirational anthologies for women empowerment, published in a respected educational journal, and authored a textbook chapter on child trauma. She has also developed several self-care tools to include Dr. Gwen’s Brain Break Kit for kids.

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Shannan Perez

Shannan Perez has worked in education for going on 20 years now. She is an online educator of Education First live where she educates adults who want to learn English worldwide.  She has worked in a variety of educational settings and follows the trends of the educational community.

As part of working as an online educator, Shannan has worked hard to improve how her students learn and understand English.  She has also worked to improve education structures abroad in the UAE and in China and she supports global education groups. She has worked as a teacher of math, science, ICT, STEM, and robotics.

She lives in Bogota, Colombia working with Education programs educating adults in English.  When Shannan isn’t working hard at EF live you’ll find she enjoys doing things outdoors.  She likes rock climbing and mountain biking in her free time. She also has her own YouTube channel teaching English.

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Sparkle Simoine

Sparkle Simon is a Senior Process/Line Lead at the Molson Coors Beverage Co (formally known as Miller Brewing Co.) with more than 18 years of employment with the company and more than 20 years of experience with management and leadership skills. Sparkle has managed multiple Packaging lines including managing hourly and salaried employees. As a Senior Process Lead, Sparkle is responsible for the everyday production, maintenance, budgeting, and staffing needs of her packaging lines. 

Sparkle Simon is a long-time member of the AAEN ERG group and a member of the Wisconsin Chapter of BDPA (Black Data Processing Associates). Sparkle Simon, sat on the board of executives for the Local 9 UAW Union for 5 years and served as the Senior Packaging Union Steward for 8 years. Sparkle has served on the planning committee for the Molson Coors Annual Safety Culture Summit for 4 consecutive years. Sparkle is also serving her 2nd year being a member of the Toast on Tap, Toast Masters Club. Sparkle Simon has received numerous awards and certificates over the years including the most recent, graduating from the Tap2Lead program in 2021. For the past 8 years, Sparkle has participated in the annual volunteer events with the Junior Achievement nonprofit organization and the United Way Day of Caring volunteer events. 

Sparkle’s long-term goal is to eventually become a community activist and motivational speaker, advocating for better resources in impoverished neighborhoods for better education, better health, living resources, counseling, and coaching for adult and family life skills.

Angela Momon-Hughes
 Executive Director /Visionaire

Angela has worked as a middle school Educator in international and urban settings for over 22 years. Angela holds a bachelor's degree in Public Relations from Kansas State University, a master's degree in Education with an emphasis on Curriculum Development from Maquette University.

She has been a coordinator for teachers, parents, and students' improvement projects. Angela has also been involved in the development of workshops and clubs that focused on activities that empowered children, informed parents, and assisted teachers with obtaining the goals and objectives of various school organizations. Over the years, Angela has seen a growing need for young girls to develop a greater affirmational stance and awareness towards their lives. Too many young girls are struggling through life with overwhelming damage to their sense of value as a person and a female. Angela seeks to use her understanding of curriculum, management, and student coordination to create an organization that informs, encourages, and advocates for young girls who are increasingly devalued, harassed, and sexually abused. 

Angelina Moore
Chief Governance Officer

Angelina has over 20 years of global and domestic experience in leading and participating on cross-organizational and cross-functional teams to develop, plan, execute, and evaluate community outreach, enterprise risk management and compliance, and communication programs for both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Additionally, she holds a master’s in Communication Management from University of Southern California and is alum of Riordan Leadership Institute (now Southern California Leadership Network) that educates and trains business professionals for lifelong service in the governance of nonprofit organizations.

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Dr. Cheri Hayes 

Dr. Cheri Alphonse Hayes is a patriot and a die-hard lover of the island of St. Lucia. She believes in keeping her cultural origins and ancestral foundation alive through language (creole), dialect, events, and travel. In 2012, she supported the growth and development of Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia (RYV). RYV Saint Lucia provides quality, compassionate and nonjudgmental services in a manner that fosters self-respect and independence in women and children experiencing gender-based violence, and lead the struggle to end this brutality through advocacy and community education.

Dr. Hayes is currently a principal at a military-connected elementary. She leverages her experience to ensure that students’ social-emotional needs are met, within her abilities. She works daily to create intentional and purposeful relationships with all stakeholders in the best interest of students. There is no task too small she is not willing to accomplish for the children she leads.

Dr. Cheri Alphonse Hayes received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Herbert Lehman College, City University of New York. She worked in the banking industry for many years before fulfilling her lifelong dream of being an educator. Dr. Hayes attained her Master of Arts in Teaching on a full scholarship from Pathways to Teaching at Norfolk State University. She then pursued and earned her Educational Specialist degree in Teacher Leadership from Walden University and her doctorate degree in Reading and Literacy at Capella University.

She is also the author of three children’s books: A Teacher’s Surprise, Talking Talia Tattles or Tells, and Counting is Simply Beautiful.

Ajala VanDyke Treasurer 

Ajala is currently leading a mixed retail organization. With 22 years of retail experience, a passion for diversity and people has shaped the leader she is today. As a soldier, she served on the BOSS Committee. As the spouse of a soldier, Ajala had the opportunity to reside as President of the Officer and Enlisted Wive's Club, Girl Scout Troop Leader, and Treasurer of the Officer and Enlisted Wives Club. Ajala volunteered with Harnett County Schools reading and mathematics enrichment program. 

Ajala enjoys traveling, reading, quilting (by hand), and spending time with her family.

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