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3P's Objectives

Purpose: Learn how to identify what makes them unique.

Passion: Connect their purpose to what moves them to act on what they value in themselves.

Power: Understand their ability to heal and serve our global community.

3P's uses powerful published literature and creative language expression through: self-talk, writing, poems, lyric writing, journaling, playwriting, and music along with exciting group and individual community projects.

Information, Counseling, Arts Program (ICA)

This program provides girls with access to Information, Counseling, and Art Programs (ICA). We believe that with self-empowering Information girls are less likely to be victimized, and with Counseling, many girls will begin or continue to heal and through the use of Art the healing process can begin and deepen developing practical outlets. Julie’s Haven believes every girl deserves an opportunity to know that she is unique, deserving to be treasured and appreciated for her abilities to contribute to our global society.


            ICA Program Objectives
Information: Self- Empowering articles, blogs, news; Links to relevant data and resources.
Counseling:  Peer-reviewed, cited, and accepted teen guidance
Certified Sexual Abuse Counselors: web-based and phone; Referrals to Qualified Physical/Sexual abuse Teen Clinical Counseling
Art Therapy: Art Healing Workshops and Projects that encourages self-discovery and expression

ICA Program projects use Art to expose teen girls to important sexual abuse facts and


through interesting concept mapping, counseling principles, and strategies. ICA Program projects will allow girls to experience and express

powerful emotional themes in a safe

empowering environment. 

ICA Prograam

This guide informs girls on the importance of being AWARE of the "GROOMING" techniques predators use.

Share Awareness Protects "Grooming" Guide with 30 Girls            
$ 35.00 

This kit includes items that are mailed to the girls to allow them to participate in a Unique Gurl Purpose, Passion, Power Virtual Workshop. 

Virtual Workshop Kit 
Products for
Workshops Only. 

Julie’s Haven informs, motivates, and inspires girls in social and personal awareness to develop their Purpose, Passion, and Power.

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