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Q: Why Julie’s Haven?
A: The media and statistical data show that girls worldwide are being physically harassed and sexually violated daily as if this is a normal and accepted way of life. Females ages 16-19 are 4 times more likely than the general population to be victims of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault. Our main call-to-action is AWARENESS PROTECTS, a message interwoven in every program, post, and newsletter we publish at Julie’s Haven. We also present this same message at Julie’s Haven Unique Gurl (, which is our singular voice directed to girls on topics important to everyday living and being. Awareness is important for girls in their online activities and is especially vital in daily activities because most harassment, molestation, and rape occur through a person that the girl has some personal connection or social/academic interaction; 93% of the perpetrators of sexual violence to individuals under the age of 18 years of age are known to the victim. While we consistently send the AWARENESS PROTECTS call-to-action, we STRONGLY inform, assert, and assure in all we present that it is NEVER THE FAULT OF THE GIRL WHEN SHE IS ATTACKED, ABUSED, AND DECEIVED into physical and or sexual contact or raped by anyone. THIS ABUSE IS CRIMINAL OF THE ATTACKER EVEN IF THE GIRL KNOWS THE PERSON THAT HAS OR IS HURTING HER IN THIS WAY.

Q: What does Julie’s Haven actually do?

A: Julie’s Haven has developed two strong philosophical approaches to reach the hearts and minds of girls, their parents/guardians, and important adults in their lives. (1) Is the implementation of Julie’s Haven’s ‘Purpose, Passion, and Power Program (3P’s). This program contains the core principles for all we do at Julie’s Haven.  We guide girls and parents to see that each girl has meaning and value beyond how they or others may objectify them sexually.  In our virtual and live workshops, we bring out the meaning of Purpose (value), Passion (will/motives), and Power (ability/intention) through targeted activities, videos, and interactive personal expression to reach the inner essence and voice of each girl participant.  Girls discover room to grow, heal, serve, and contribute to our global society as they strive to overcome the hurts and disappointments of being guided away from their highest potential in so many areas. When a young lady understands she is unique, that her talents and gifts are hers alone, and that NO ONE is like her, she often has higher self-esteem, develops more self-confidence, or gains confidence.  

The other approach that we implement through Julie’s Haven is the Information, Counseling, and Art Programs (ICA).  We use  Self- Empowering articles, blogs, and news links to relevant data and resources because we believe that with self-empowering sources of Information, girls are less likely to be victimized. We deploy Counseling, which means Peer-reviewed, cited, and accepted Teen guidance. Certified Sexual Abuse Counselors: web-based and phone- referrals to Qualified Physical/Sexual Abuse Teen Clinical Counseling so that many girls will begin or continue to heal and gain life- tools for living as girls in this culture. Finally, we use Art Healing Workshops and Projects that encourage self-discovery and expression with the use of Art. The healing process can deepen and find practical outlets through the use of Art and other affirmational concepts. Julie’s Haven believes every girl deserves an opportunity to know that she is unique, deserving to be treasured, and appreciated for her abilities to contribute to our global society.

Q: How can I help the mission of Julie’s Haven?

A: Currently, Julie’s Haven is in Phase 1 and Phase 2 (workshops) of the 6 Phases that we have committed to accomplishing to reach girls around the world to dismantle the devaluing, objectifying mindset and practice of physical and sexual abuse that has been created for all girls.

Julie’s Haven needs Partners to ‘share’, ‘follow’, and ‘like’ us on  FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Please share our AWARENESS PROTECTS call-to-action with your own girls, family, and everyone in your influence. Review the information on our website to gain strategies to help your girl(s) to have and express greater value for herself which will guide her decisions and actions online and in her environment.  Encourage any girl you know to visit both websites (, especially Unique Gurl 

Encourage them to signup for the Uniquegurl blog. 

Q: Who is Julie? 

A: Juliette is the "Julie" in Julie’s Haven, the grandmother of the primary visionary of this organization. Juliette believed in giving her heart and home to those who have lost both their hearts and homes. Juliette’s door and life was always opened for others. She lived with genuine love and sensitivity towards being a healing Haven.  Juliette (Grandma Julie) lived as a safe, caring person of wisdom who gave her home as a place for an individual’s inner exploration, empowerment, and restoration.  

In honor of Juliette, Julie’s Haven is an organization that focuses this same loving attention to empowering the needs of girls and especially girls who have experienced sexual and emotional abuse. 

Q: Why is a Safe Haven House needed?


A: A Julie’s Haven Safe Haven House can be that necessary barrier and protection for the girl in danger from more abuse and an opportunity for the girl to discover her value as a person while her future physical safety is being prepared. Unfortunately, many girls of physical and sexual abuse are rejected by their parents and guardians. Too often, the abuse is perpetrated by people within the girl's family or within her normal social environment. The majority of emergency housing for women in the United States is centered around homelessness, which is increasing due to domestic violence in families. These facilities are often filled to capacity and have little to no experience working with teens who have experienced physical and/or sexual abuse. These facilities handle multiple issues and are unfortunately overrun with pressing day-to-day survival needs while they seek to help with the violent events that pushed individuals into emergency living. Yes, many states do have foster care. However, these facilities are also often unavailable due to limited space and the number of children that need placement. A girl that has unfortunately been abused would benefit from being placed in an environment that can assist her with beginning the healing process to her mind and soul, such as Julie's Haven Safe House. 

Q: How is my donation used?

A: Julie’s Haven needs regular funding to support the mission through newsletters, articles, research, blogs, and eventually, the 3P’s  App and podcast to reach out virtually.  We also have launched an educational comic to help related organizations and teenage groups learn about the issue of Groomers for which printing and mailings require funding. Since our launch of Phase 1, we have successfully completed in-person workshops on Self-esteem and Value called “The Unique Gurl Purpose, Passion, and Power Workshop”.   Julie’s Haven is currently spreading our message on FacebookInstagram, Twitter, and soon on Youtube. The Purpose, Passion, and Power (3P’s) and the ICA workshops require rental space, printed materials, audio/video equipment, staff for presentation (we currently have great volunteers), and transportation costs. We would like to empower All girls at no cost to their parents or guardians. 

Any donations that you can give ( will be applied in their entirety to the mission of Julie’s Haven.

For more information on all Phases of Julie’s Haven or other questions, please email us at


Questions and Answers  

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