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WHY, Just April? 


April is the Month that nonprofits and government agencies create a collective voice about child abuse of all types.  Julie’s Haven is adding to this messaging in all of our social media posts, newsletters, blogs, and of course on our website, year round.

This is also a good time to ask our Awareness Partners to help us for a greater impact in our live workshops that we conduct in the spring and summer.  This year we will be planning more Unique Gurl workshops in Georgia which is homebase for Julie’s Haven.  


We conduct the workshops under our Julie’s Haven Unique Gurl banner and website because we speak more directly to girl issues, life strategies and strategies to create Awareness about physical and sexual abuse.  Funding for safe spaces with accommodations that make use of technology for our videos, 3 P's activities, and art projects.  Julie’s Haven workshops spaces usually require space for collaboration, simple refreshments, such as a light breakfast and lunch. We have new stickers, cups, bags, and journals that help our Unique Gurls carry the Awareness Protect principles and the important message of Purpose, Passion, and Power into each girl’s own environments and among their friends.  The Unique Gurls experience creates important connections to each Unique Gurl’s own personal value as a human being.  Our workshops help in facing the devaluing messages that often pressure girls to engage online in dangerous relationships.   Unique Gurl workshops also reinforce a message of Purpose, Passion, and Power that helps our Gurls to evaluate and seek help against potential or actual groomers and abusers.  Girls are fed mature mixed messages online and through entertainment that emboldens them to believe that they can recognize sexual criminals while they also pursue ‘mature’ relationships.  Groomers and Traffickers appear as normal and caring until they are in control. Most sexual abusers are persons the victims know through family, friends or environment.  It is important for girls to recognize their individual value as human beings without all the trappings that pressure her mind/body awareness journey and discovery. 

This spring and summer please give financially to Julie’s Haven towards our live workshops and the education that we provide to girls and their families. Together we can Educate and Empower ALL girls. 


Happy African American family. Three teenage sisters together looking at camera, smiling..
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